Vivo Latest under Rs 15K To 20k . The mobiles Price in Pakistan smartphone market . All latest mobile smartphones with PKR 15,000 To 2,000 . price range by Viv. Purchase your best Vivo mobile with Best price range, to check features and full specifications of Vivo smartphones in Pakistan that are compatible with all cellular operator networks. Prices are updated in different Cities in Pakistan like as Lahore, Karachi, Islamabad, Peshawar, Rawalpindi, Multan, Faisalabad, Quetta, Sialkot mobile shopping centres

Vivo phones price ranges In Pakistan

Here we pointout only Two series of Vivo mobile company; one is the vivo V series and another is the vivo Y series. The smartphone of both the series are equipped with increased ROM, RAM, processors, best possible speakers and mike using Hi-Fi audio chips & high quality front and back cameras to get you excellent pictures of every moment you capture

The V series has got 4 smartphones in it. These handsets have the following features: smart split that splits the screen into half and lets you use two applications simultaneously, face access to unlock the handset instantly; application clone to use two accounts ID to log into one social media application; fingerprint unlock system; high definition front side camera to click clearer selfies and portraits; dual rear camera to show focused pictures; updated game mode that blocks whole are notifications except the preferred ones; eye comfort mode which helps reduce visual fatigue by filtering blue light; pocket karaoke bar & full view display.

Best Vivo Phone Under 30000

Vivo Y Series

The Y series has six smartphones in it that have the following features. Excellent selfie with extraordinary clarity and vivid natural colours; selfie soft-light giving you soft, radiant complexion in every photos; face beauty mode which hides all the facial flaws, sleek brilliant design, long lasting battery, eye protection mode it filters blue light, smart screen flash. It makes your face look brighter in low-light environment. A triple card slots, smart split to use two applications at the same time; wide angle lens to fit more individuals in a group selfie; super screenshot including long, rectangular and interesting screenshots and screen recording. The smart wake that lets you access your favorite applications through different swiping patterns when the screen is off; bokeh mode to blur the background of images in an artistic way, fingerprint unlock; and applications clone which helps you separate your professional and personal life by logging in with two accounts ID in a single social media application

Upcoming vivo X90 series Feb 2023

With such a wide range of interesting and fascinating features in smartphones, it is hard to decide which one is better. To make this decision easier for you, this site lets you compare Vivo SmartPhones with other smartphones in terms of their prices, specifications,display sizes, RAM, ROM, camera range. And colours

The photos of all mobiles are displayed and the specifications and features are all mentioned in the menu bottom( tech and telecom) . User feedback about different smartphones and reviews are also available on this site. You can find all information regarding Vivo phones over here like as their prices in Pakistan, photos, specs, comparisons & reviews. The prices in Pakistan are updated daily on the website of PAKEMPIRE.COM according to the market prices of mobiles.