Over 10million people advertise on Facebook. And it is  easy to understand why when you look at the data, Facebook has about 2.8 billion users, and people are now spending more than 2 hours a day on social media platforms.

That is  a lot of attention! No matter who your audience is   age, gender, occupation, ( almost ) anything  you well be sure to reach them through Facebook ads.

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How do marketers create, manage, and analyse their Facebook ads ?
The brief answer is Facebook Ads Manager.

Wetherby it can look intimidating at first glance, once you get to learn Facebook Ads Manager, you’ll find it’s an excellent tool, offering everything you need to optimize your ads and deliver successful  business campaigns.

Chapter 1: Getting started

Where is Facebook Ads Manager ?

The easiest way to find Facebook Ads Manager is to book-mark the direct link. You’ll be brought directly into the Facebook Ads Manager of your personal ads account. If you manage more than one ads account, use the account drop-down menu to select the right one.

The navigate to Ads Manager right from your business-Page, head to the left side-bar and click on the Ad Centerdropdown arrow of any Facebook Page, then select “All Ads” from the dropdown. At the bottom of that Page, there is an option to click “Ads Manager.”

In short, there is a Facebook Ads Manager app available for mobiles.

Hit the home option at the top to be planned to the Business Suite. Here you well  find updates,, messages,, and analytics on all of your Facebook & Instagram profiles.
Click the ham-burger menu to open navigation to a variety of places like  as account set up, Events Manager, Creative Hub, and the analytics.
Click your profile picture to change ads accounts and the clock icon below it to see an account overview for your choosing ads account.
Toward the bottom, you’ll watch settings, account notifications, a search feature, and help resources.

On the right

The right side menu is used to edit campaigns, watch their history, and look out additional analytics. More on these when we talk about reporting below.

Your campaigns

All of your campaigns are  shown up in the middle. Your Facebook ad campaigns are comprised in  three elements shown across the top in tab format; ad campaign, ad sets, and ads. Each ad campaign contain with  multiple ad sets, and each ad set can contain various ad creatives.

clear up these terms.

A campaign where you  can choose your objective. Once you  chosen, you can start making ad sets with your targeted audience, ad placement, and  budget.
There can be different ad sets under a campaign if you desire to target multiple audiences and use different placements under one single objective.
And an ad is where you finalise on imagery and messaging. There can also be many ads under an ad set if you like to split test what creative elements work well for your ad set

Chapter 2 :~Creating and editing Facebook ads

How to create ads using Facebook Ads Manager
While the dashboard maybe seem overwhelming, the actual ad creation process is pretty straight-forward. To get started with creating an ads simply touch the prominent green “Create” button.

Once you click to create a new ads. Select your campaign objectives from the categories brand advertisement,consideration, and conversions. You’ll then define other elements of your campaign, like as audience targeting, ad placement, ad budget, ad format, ad creative, and many more. Facebook will run you through these steps one by one but if you would like to learn more about each of these steps.

Once you publish your ad, Facebook can take up to 24 hrs to review it. Once Facebook approves it, you’ll be notified and your ad will be live. Don’t stress out about hitting “ Publish ” on your Facebook ad; it is easy to go back in and make changes once it’s run live.

How to edit ads using Facebook Ads Manager?

Not every ad is expected to perfect . For example , you may notice a typo in your ad only after it’s live. Or may be an ad set is performing well, and you want to increase or decrease its budget. Don’t worry. Editing an ad in Facebook Ads Manager is a very simple.

To upgrades any part of your existing campaign, however over the ad name and click on the edit ad’s icon. A popup will slide in from the right, here you can edit the campaign, ad set, or ad.

A cool feature of Facebook Ads Manager is that it allows you to edit different Facebook campaigns, ad sets, or ads at once. The bulk edit a group of campaigns, ad sets, or ads, check the boxes in the first column and select “Edit” in the navigation bar.

  • For campaigns, you can Modify the campaign name;
  • Set campaign spending limits & change budgets
  • Switch the campaign on or off
  • For ad sets, you can;
  • Edit the ad set’s name
  • Modify the start & end dates
  • Set minimum & maximum spend amounts
  • Edit your audience
  • Change ad placements
  • Edit the optimization & delivery
  • For ads, you can:

Change the destination ( i.e., the Facebook Page where your ad is showing from )
Edit the creative elements of the ad ( text, images, , links, call to action)
Specify URL parameters

Chapter 3:~Facebook ads reporting

You can use Facebook’s analytic to watch how your ads are performing. One thing to look for is if your ads align with your social media goals for your business purposes .

For example, if you are using Facebook ads to drive sign ups for your product, you may be curious to know that ad in your campaign is driving the most sign ups, how many people signed up through those ads, and how much each sign up cost you.

Search & filter: Finding the relevant campaigns, ad sets, or ads
You can lookup any of your campaigns, ad sets, and ads by using the search bar at the top of Ads Manager. Type in search terms and select from a list of predicted searches or select a filter from the drop-down.

Narrow down your search by typing in:~

  • Campaign name
  • 1.Ad set name
  • 2.Ad name
  • 3.Campaign ID
  • 4.Ad set ID
  • Or filter by

Saved searches

  1. Name/ID
  2. Delivery
  3. Placement
  4. Campaign, ad set, or ad metrics
  5. Audience
  6. Attribution settings
    Recently changed
  7. A/B test
  8. Special ad category
    Test name
    Select the arrow next to a filter category to watch more information searches. Select your filters and select Apply.

Further more, you can specify the date range by selecting the dates next to the search and filter bar. Toggle the “ Compare ” feature to look up how your ads are performing against a various date range.

This will give you the option to look up your ads in the following date ranges

  1. Maximum
  2. This week
    8.Last week
    9.This month
  3. Last month
  4. Custom

Columns and breakdowns-:Getting the important data for your ads reporting
Facebook update you with a wealth of data for all your ads. Customize your reports by selecting which columns to display or by breaking down ad performance based on factors like as  audience and reach.

Choose columns to analyze ads performance
To help you find relevant ad's data quickly, there are several presets of columns for you to examine.

The popup will appear, and you can deselect or select more metrics ( or columns ) according to your requirements.

Each column can be sorted by touching on the heading with the title. If you need clarification about each metric, moreover the name and a popup will give you more details.

Audience Insights

Audience Insights helps you learn about your audience with aggregated information about their demographics-location, behavior, and much more.

If you are keen to reach that audience, you can touch the blue “Create Ads” button to create an ad targeting that audience.

The Facebook Pixel

Facebook Pixel is the piece of codes that enables you to leverage actions taken on your website to generate better Facebook ads. By placing the Pixel codes on your website, you will track conversions on your website, optimisation your ads for conversions, and remarket to people who visits your site or taken specific actions on your site.You can set up & track your Pixel by using Events Manager.

Relevant resources
There is a lot to learn about Facebook Ads Manager, and we have just clicked the surface of Facebook advertising. If you are interested in learning more diving deeper into Facebook advertising, you can check out these useful tools and resources.

Facebook Ads Manager mobile applications

If you like to manage your Facebook Ads on the go, download the Facebook Ads Manager application for iOS as well as Android. With the application, you can generate ads, manage your campaigns, get notifications about your ads performance, and checkup the metrics of your ads.

Facebook’s Creative Hub
Facebook’s Creative Hub is one of its latest instrumen for advertisers and marketers. This platform grant you to create mock ups of ads, preview them as though they are live on a Facebook News-Feed or Instagram-Feed, and collaborate and share ideas with you. Facebook has excellent resources if you want to learn more about the Creative Hub.

Things continuously change within the Facebook platform
Thanks for staying with us throughout this blog post guide! With things moving quickly at Facebook, there is a chance some of this detail might be outdated by the time you read it ( hopefully not! ). If you spot anything that needs updating since we published this blog post, let us know. We are keen to keep this post up_to_date and that can useful for you

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