To reduce the risk of your email inbox being hacked into, this  a good idea to regularly change your password to something that is  not going to be easy to guess. Some Gmail users have even had their information stolen because of a weak password.

you’re Gmail user & have an Android smartphone, and are looking to change your password, we are  here to guide you through the process! Here is what we are  going to cover in this blog post:

There are a few various methods you can adopt to change your Gmail password. To kick items off, we will guide you a bit about the 4 ways to change Gmail passwords.

4ways to update your Gmail password

the Gmail desktop website, You can change your Gmail password through your account settings by logging in to on your laptop & PC

In the Google account settings

You can checkout whole the details of your Google account at MyAccount-Google-com. In the “ Sign-in & Security ” section, you can simply update your account password.

Through your mobile web-browser
Similarly to how you can on your laptop & PC, if you access your inbox from your smartphone’s Internet browser, you can change your password in your Gmail account settings.

In the Gmail mobile app

Now that we have covered all the various ways you can update your password, we were going to guide you exactly how to change a password on Gmail’s mobile application for Android devices. Are you Grab your Android device to get started?

Use the Gmail application on your mobile phone to make a Gmail password change. We will explain these method in further detail in the next section.

These help full Steps to changing your password in the Gmail Android mobile app

  • Click to Open the Gmail application on your Android device
  • On your Android home screen, touch the Gmail icon to launch the application. Gmail comes pre_installed on most Android devices along with the suite of application made by the Google. If for some issues you don’t have the application already installed on your Android, you can download the Gmail app for free from the Google Play Store.

Download the Gmail application: Android the Menu icon to access the main menu.

the top left corner, click on the Menu button to open up the side panel with a list of menu items

Click on the Settings near the bottom.
Scroll to the bottom of the menu until you find “ Settings ” in the given list. Click on the Settings to access your Gmail account preferences.

Click on the your Gmail account.

Now, choose your Gmail address to get to your settings.

Click on the Sign-in & Security.
Now, choose the Sign-in and Security category to control your password

Enter your current password.
In order to generate a new password, you will have to enter your current one for security reasons. Type your current password for your Gmail account. Then click Next

Enter & confirm your new Gmail password.
Now you can select what you would like your new password to be. Google required to at least length of 8 characters. Type the your new one password in the top text box, again type the same password the same sequence of characters in the bottom text box to confirm. When you are done, click the Change Password button

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