The Vivo V23 and V23 Pro are the latest selfie centric smartphones from Vivo, and they featured with a 50 MP front facing shooters which can record 4K videos

The new update, the V23 series, ups the numbers of games again, with both the devices of the V23 Pro and V23 standard model packing a dual selfie camera system headlined by a 50 MP, f / 2.0 selfie camera plus an 8 MP ultra wide selfie lens. While the time out, there is one extra selling point to differentiate the new phones from the sea of mid tier smartphones: a color changing back.

As mentioned, both smartphones have the same front facing camera system, as well as identical 8 MP ultra wide & 2MP macro sensors on the back. They also run on the same software and have the same color changing back technology system.

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Let’s move on the this back first. This is no mere gradient colored glass coating which reflects light differently depending on the angle. Instead, that tech uses a new type of glass ( Fluorite AG glass ), when hit by ultraviolet rays goes through a chemical process it results in colour change. By default, that color is orange, but when it absorbs enough UV light it transforms into this blueish-green.

Because the glass plate is really undergoing pigment changes from absorbing UV light, that means you can play with the change by covering parts of glass, giving the smartphone tanlines, so to speak. I was able to get an X on the mobile by covering it with a piece of paper.

This is no mere gradient color coated backside; In place the back really changes colours

Night pphotography

If you are more creative, you can get more intricate patterns on this phone like this promotional photos provided by Vivo.

If the colour changing back is not your cup of tea, the V23 series also powered in a second colour, a more subtle standard black it just stays black.

Cameras, Display,and Processors

The major differentiating factor between the two handset comes in chassis design. the V23 Pro has a typical ( in the Android space ) curved display which blends into a narrow frame. The standard vivo V23, meanwhile, has a boxy design with a flat frontside, back, and sides_ yes, it’s look like the iPhone 12 /13 design.

I generally as curved screens,I find them to offer a better in hand feel & a more immersive screen but I have to say, the excellent boxy design of the V23 is a breath of fresh air, mainly because I have handled at least 100 smartphones in the past few years with the V23 Pro ‘s body type.

The Vivo V23 Pro has a slightly larger 6.5 inchs screen than the V23 ‘s 6.4-inch, but because of the Pro curves at the sides, the smartphone ‘s screen size feels identical. Both panels are OLED & refresh at 90 Hz. They look vibrant enough, with a 1080 x 2400 resolution, but neither get as bright as what we have come to expect from flagship Android devices. And yes, the presence of a notch in 2023 is very unsightly, but Vivo has in fact put a lot of hardware into the front facing system. Which is a notch with an actually useful function.

The Pro model is featured by a MediaTek Dimensity 1200 SoC while the standard model gets a Dimensity920. Both of the handset ‘s chips are more than powerful for day to day casual phones usage, though they are clearly not on par with a Qualcomm Snapdragon 888, let alone the Snapdragon 8Gen 1 that will begin populating the Android flagship memory soon.

The V23 Pro ‘s main backside camera also gets a bump over the standard V23, a 108 MP, f / 1.9 shooter versus the 64 MP, f / 1.9 sensor on the standard V23. For the most part, both main cameras are solid shooters at their price tags, but the Pro ‘s sensor grabs best dynamic range if shooting under more challenging lighting conditions

Selfie cameras

The star of the show, ultimately, is the front selfie camera system. When I tested the last two V series smartphones ( V20 & V21 ), I found their selfie cameras did, in fact , produce more vibrant, great lit, and compared selfies than top-tier Apple and Samsung smartphones, particularly when shooting under challenging conditions as directly against harsh sun light.

The Vivo V23 series’ selfie camera does a well job than the iPhone when it comes to finding proper exposure & balance

In the dark conditions, the Vivo V23 selfie cameras also pulls in slightly more light thankfull to pixel binning.

Vivo V23 series, Software

Both the V23 & V23 Pro run Android 12 with the company ‘s own FunTouch 12 software skin on top. The software experience is good . FunTouch 12 has improved by leaps & bounds compared to years past, fixing a lot of weird quirks ( remember when Vivo ‘s software utilities to separate the notification panel from the toggle buttons? ). Some of Android 12 ‘s visual traits, As the rounded corners of notification cards are here, that is crucial improvements like status bar alerts whenever an application is accessing the smartphone ‘s cameras or microphone.

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All the extra customization options that ( BKK ) phones have offered for years are still here, such as screen off shortcut gestures to launch applications, three finger swipe down to grab screenshots, & three finger swipe up to launch split screen mode.

Early Impressions

Both of the Vivo V23 and V23 Pro are mid tier smartphones that have gone on sale first in Pakistan for PKR 92,999/ respectively, these prices convert to about $405 and respectively. Vivo has already confirmed the smartphone will hit other parts of Asia including Thailand, Malaysia, and Europe ” soon. “

Vivo’s V series has always been slightly over-priced for what they are for around the same price $400 and $500 price range you can get a Qualcomm 800 series SoC in some rival smartphones, and the existence of the notch is an eye sore for me.

But the fact is that Vivo keeps pumping out these V smartphones every half a year means there is clearly an audience for these mobilephones which place selfie camera performance & shiny looks above everything else. And in today is increasingly selfie obsessed social networking culture, a smartphone that packs all the bells and whistles into a front selfie system should have appeal with the younger crowd

Vivo V23

Vivo’s V23 is an affordable mid-ranger with a 50 MP selfie camera & a colour changing back.

Vivo V23 Pro

Vivo’s V23 Pro has the same 50 MP selfie camera & color-changing back, with an upgraded 108 MP main camera and a Dimensity1200 SoC.

A00I think may be it’s time for Vivo to consider slowing down its V series release cycle. My first time testing a Vivo V smartphone was in june of 2018, with the V5. So in not even 4 full years yet the series has reached to number 23 ! At this rate, we will be on the Vivo V 100 in a couple of few years. In the last year, I have tested the Vivo V20, V21, and V23 and each one only brings iterative new upgrading over the previous model. Vivo’s doing some very interesting things on the flagship front the Vivo X70 Pro Plus is in my opinion the best camera smartphone of 2021- it’s time for the V series to take a break until more major innovations brings along.