eSIM stands for an ” embedded’ Subscriber identity module (SIM) card. It is an embedded SIM as a virtual SIM card. Because an embedded SIM is built directly into the smartphone, you no longer need to physical cards to change your data plans. Indeed, you will download data plans from the Airalo application, install them and utilize them immediately.

What is an eSIM ?

  • Fact is that, an eSIM has the exact same functionality as a common SIM, allowing you to do each and everything like:
  • Use your mobile network for a local data

Cellular service to call them, contact and remain connected to other smartphone and devices

Screen, store, scan, search, activate, and download data to your phone

Keep your number while still being able to switch your handset line

Never have to upset about being hit with roaming charges

Activate your eSIM plan with the QR Code in place of inserting a chip

Tap the Airalo application to turn off your data plan to a local, regional, or global plan

Max usage by choosing subscriptions to shorter plans whole the way to longer plans ( based on need )

To look up if your phone is eSIM compatible, please check our brief list:

There are three models of iPhone 11 series
Like as

  • (1) iPhone 11
  • (2) iPhone 11 Pro
  • (2)iPhone 11 Pro Max

like the other Apple smartphones we’re rounding up here, the device iPhone 11s all support eSIM it means they have built in SIM cards ( better known as eSIMs ) that you can use to connect to mobile networks all over the work, accessing device data where are you need it.

IPhone 11

Google Fi on iOS with an eSIM only will work on iPhones SE ( 2020 version ), XR, XS, XS Max, 11 series and up. Fi eSIM transfer is not supported on iPhones devices.

How can I enable eSIM on my iPhone 11 ?

Follow these steps;

On your iPhone, click to Settings > Cellular.

  • Click Convert to eSIM. If you don’t see Convert to eSIM, your carrier cannot support this option. …

Click Convert Cellular Plan .

Click Convert to eSIM.

Wait for your eSIM to activate. . . .

Remove the physical SIM from your smartphone

Will iPhone 11 support dual eSIM ?

You can use Dual SIM with the following; iPhoneXR, iPhoneXS, iPhone 11, iPhone 12, iPhone 13, iPhoneSE ( 3rd generation ), and iPhone 14 ( buyed outside the U.S. ): these models can use one physical SIM & one eSIM. iPhone 13, iPhoneSE ( 3rd generation ), and later; these series can use two eSIMs.

Why my eSIM is not working in iPhone 11 ?

If you will set up your eSIM
Make sure your network providers support cover in your area and that there’re no service outages. Make sure your phone data plans are set up, ready to use and Don not have a billing related blockage

Why doesn’t my iPhone 11 support eSIM?

Fact is that, an eSIM has the exact same functionality as a common SIM, allowing you to do each and everything like:

Your iPhone should be unlocked, or both cellular plans should be from the same carrier. Both of the plans must be setup and ready to use. Your carrier or carriers have to support Dual SIM with eSIM. If a CDMA carrier provides your 1st SIM, your second one

Which iPhones will use eSIM ?

What you need

The iPhone XS, iPhoneXS Max, iPhoneXR, or later with iOS 12. 1 or later.

eSIM is not working in my iPhone 11 ?

If you can’t set up your eSIM
Make sure your network providers support cover in your area and that there are no service outages. Make sure your mobile data plans are set up, ready to use and don’t have a billing-related blockage.

How I know if my phone supports eSIM?

To find out if your device supports eSIM, click to your settings and locate your phone IMEI. IMEI stands for International Mobile Equipment Identity, & your IMEI will inform you if your Phone is carrier unlocked and if your smartphone supports digital

Why do eSIM prices high ?

Different providers offers different rates based on local restrictions, market competition, & regulation. Even that the price of an eSIM may high from region to region, you would always be sure that Airalo offers a competitive market price for the region.

What is an eSIM validity time ?

Your validity time means your eSIM will be active for the allotted periods in your plan. If you buyed an eSIM with one week of validity, the eSIM will become unavailable after that one week from buy.

What is my data limit?

Your data limit will depend on your packages and your validity times . If you purchase 1GB of data for one week of data validity, if either the period expires or you utilize up your data, your eSIM will acquire to be topped up or a new eSIM should be purchased.

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