Ever wondered if you could take a peek at your competitors Facebook ads?
Well, you actually can!
And I highly recommend you do!
Researching competitor ad campaigns on Facebook can be a hugely useful tool.

Do some simple digging, leverage what you learned, and improve your own campaigns!

The Facebook Ad Library gives you so many helpful insights into competitor campaigns. Below are 5 key points to focus on while doing your competitor research:

  1. See how competitors are positioning their offers. Your competitor might be offering a discount, or a free sample. Or maybe they’re using a lead magnet. You can get a sense of what others in your industry are doing to give you guidance while setting up your own campaigns and strategies.
  2. Which platform are they utilizing more? The ad library shows which platforms the ads are running on. This can give you a sense of where the most activity is, OR maybe where there is an opening or an under targeted spot.
  3. Which Call To Action ( CTA ) to use… studies More? Get a Quote? Play around with these. I’ve found Learn More can feel generally less obtrusive.
  4. Where are they driving traffic to? Check out their landing pages by clicking the ad CTA. This step is great for funnel page insights.
  5. Creatives… what type are they using? Videos, graphics, images, and text. You can see what your competitors are using to pull customers in.

Make sure you check out more than one competitor to get a sense of overall themes and trends.

I hope this has been helpful!