1 What is the Facebook Ads Library ?
2 How does Facebook Ads Library work ?
3 Conclusions
It is no secret which companies live daily in a constant battle to enhance their business opportunities. It results in constant advertising changes, increasing the cost of bidding on Google & Facebook or easily developing new marketing strategies that give excellent results. Many times, these companies  have need new ideas or new approaches and this is where a key instrument called the Facebook Ads Library comes into play.

The solution works in a very interesting way. Since it extracts several details from active campaigns within  Facebook platform. This let’s you know which one  of these are having the most success.  To this way, companies would research the competition, see what exactly works, and use these types of ideas to create something new and safe. Facebook Ads Library is nothing more than a platform where all details on campaigns carried out by brands within the Facebook is collected.

If you are interested in this topic, you can continue reading this article post in which we will explain what Facebook Ads Library is? how it works & how it can help you enhance your marketing campaigns.

What is the Facebook Ads Library ?
Facebook Ads Library is a totally free tool that gives you the ability to collect data from whole paid ads posted on Facebook or related platforms as a Instagram all in a free way.

This tool was created as a consequence of few political campaigns where greater transparency was need when advertising on the Facebook platform. In fact , it was decided to create a major research program entirely dedicated to the any  business.

How Facebook Ads Library is work?
Now here will describe you how to use Facebook Ads Library. For this you will  follow the steps that we will show you below.

1) select the country and category of the ads

The first thing we essential to do is enter the Facebook Ads Library page, select the country and category of the ads we want to search for.

Facebook Ads Library
2 ) Select The Keyword

So, we need to filter by keyword what we want to be show up  in this case we will filter by keyword (Facebook ads library ). As you will see, results have been filtered & , once you touch on search, the ads which are actually active will start to appear.

Facebook Ads Library
3 Review the results

Once you have filtered your search, you will see results with all live(active) ads. we have two options, see the ads of a special company or page or see all available ads. In this case you can select according to your needs. We will analyse two cases so which you fully understand how it works.

Case A
If we select to study a specific company or page, after searching for the keyword, we will be reveal the most relevantpages for that word or for ads. We just have to tap on the page we want to study and see the details. Note them sometimes not whole advertisers are shown due to national restrictions. If you want all advertisers to be shown, you have to choose in the first filter ( all countries ).

Facebook Ads Library
Case (B)

If you do not interested to see advertisers directly, the best option is to go through each of the available advertising and see all the information which one interest. If you want to study the advertiser of a special ads, we just have to tape on the name of the page and all the details will be shown.

Facebook Ads Library
Further more, we will directly see information about the ads such as the text, the pictures used, the start date of the campaign & whether it is active or inactive. If we click on see information more details will be broken down.

Facebook Ads Library

Like you can see, it is quite easy to use the Facebook Ads Library tools. Businesses utilize it to see active marketing or to bring up with new ideas when they are short on creativity. It is an extremely essential & simple to use tool, suitable for every body , because it grants us to improve what is already working on the Internet and give a boost to our total advertising strategy on Facebook and also an other social networks.

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