If you are a person l like me, you have probably had your Gmail account active for years. I signed up for a Google account, therefore, for Gmail all the way back in the year 2008 — that is a lot of emails over the span of almost 12 years and a half. But even for email addresses which have only existed for a much shorter time, the mass of accumulated emails may get pretty untidy, pretty fast, and especially so if you are using it as your main email. While you may take steps to clean out your Gmail inbox, Google wants to make it easier to sift through those important keepers by making a great search tool for Gmail.

This seems to be more of a backend change than something you well immediately notice when hitting up mail.google.com to dig through your different, unkempt folders for an old messages, but it should mean that when_ever you do search for one, you’ll get what you are looking for much faster. Google has previously said that Gmail ‘s search suggestions and search results are being continuesly improved thanks to the magic of machine learning. so that, this seems to be a practical extension of this. The company detailed in its Google Work_space Updates article post that these changes should be arriving to everyone within the next two or three weeks, so if you find yourself stressing less after picking up the old email, you probably have this advanced to be grateful for. After all, it is the right time to give thanks.

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