Apple is always a contender in whole aspects especially the about smartphones. Apple’s new iPhone series are the best iPhones ever made it.Apple iPhone 14 Pro Max consider as a top Best smartphone in the world

Apple is a company which does everything different from the rest. One of the most attractive part of any iPhone 14 pro max today is its iconic design. Having with the flat edge and flat back design, the device easily wins the best design of the current year.

Even though iPhone 14 pro max have more features, many people watch iPhone as the ultimate camera phone. A lot of iPhone’s customers go for phones basically because of its excellent camera. The Apple 14 Pro Max powered with a triple camera setup. 48 MP main camera, 12 MP telephoto lens and 12 MP-ultra wide-lens. Which can record videos at 4K / 60fps with both front as well as the back cameras.

Battery Endurance
The iPhone 14 Pro Max powered with Apple’s A16 Bionic Chip coupled with the light weight IOS makes most efficient phone in the market now. We have seen a lot of battery drain test where Apple phone wins by a country mile. With a 4323mAh battery, this handset have a smallest battery like Samsung Galaxy s22 and Xiaomi 12s Ultra. Yet, it has the best battery life amongst both of them. charging speed of the phone has 25W and a poor 7.5W wireless charger. With Mag-Safe wireless charging, you can get 15W charging speed that is still behind a lot of smartphones in the competition.

The device features with Apple’s A16 chip is termed the beast by many and it rally lives up to the praise. From Applications management, opening speed & game handling, the iPhone 14 Pro Max does not work to have any competition.

Software Processing
The smartphone iPhone 14 Pro Max also have Apple’s iOS that is the only different operating system here. Apple has examine a lot of optimizations just to make their software work perfectly with their hardware. When it brings to software processing, Apple device leads the way in almost all areas thanks to iOS & Bionic A16 chip.